See below for controls!

This is a nearly finished build of THE WIZARD PIG! I've been building an arcade-god-game for a month or two now and I decided it was long overdue being shared with other people. This is not finished yet - I'm planning on deepening the interaction between powers and ways you can keep your followers happy. Also, the enemy AI needs a lot of work. It's cheerfully chaotic but not quite there yet. Also, you can probably trick it into loops it can't get out of. I've got plans for what's next (exciting end-game scenarios like an apocalypse or anti-apocalypse) but would really like to hear what people think! :)

Once, Henry was just a regular pig. He dreamed of being a magnificant wizard who was popular and cool. Through the sheer force of his own will and the belief of the nearby villagers, who saw promise in him - he became a giant flying head with reality bending powers. Summoning a mountain from the earth, he marvelled at his power.

"I will use my powers for good, and make my followers happy, with lovely forests and magical instant-corn from the fields"

As he said this, the earth shook and a giant cow's head appeared from behind the mountain he had just conjured, spitting fire from its eyes"

"Or maybe I'll just ruin someone else's day"


Score 10 belief points by keeping your followers happy. They like trees and plants, and eating tasty corn. They don't like swamps, being stuck in one place or things being on fire. You can also win by making your opponent's followers unhappy.


  • Arrow keys - move
  • Z - use power
  • X - change power


  • Raise power (yellow mana) raise the landscape. Followers cannot walk up steep slopes, and any upward slope will slow them down
  • Lower power (yellow mana) lower the landscape
  • Fire power (red mana) Create fireballs from your eyes. Destroys terrain and foliage
  • Forest power (green mana) Puts out fire and creates new foliage
  • Rain power (blue mana) Puts out fire and cultivates fields that yield follower-pleasing corn. Too much rain makes the land swampy though.