I'm still working on this - let me know what you think on my Twitter - there might be bugs and/or unexplainable weirdness!

You're a cat, you're magical, you're in a duel with the finest feline magic practitioners the realm has to offer. Grab your wand and enter the arena!

You can also play this on the PICO-8 BBS


  • Arrow keys - move
  • X - strafe/sidestep (press left and right)
  • Z/C - shoot

What's new?

11 July 2020

  • ADD single player red+blue keys+doors!!!! Check single player test map for an example
  • FIXED showing scoreboard upon being frogged in single player.
  • No more tokens left!

09 July 2020

  • ADD light viewbob
  • ADD damage indicator
  • ADD new map Tower Of Confusion
  • ADD basic single player map support (with sample map)
  • ADD 1 second delay on scoreboard
  • ADD 1 second invulnerability on respawn
  • CHANGED cat AI tries to find a wand if possible/pick up your stuff after frogging
  • CHANGED player movement
  • CHANGED minor texture improvements
  • FIXED Particles obey zbuffer
  • FIXED Sounds cutting off
  • FIXED Cats using incorrect palette when far away

Since April I have:

  • Added several maps
  • Rewrote chunks of the graphics for more speed and more complex geometry
    • diagonal walls
    • working overhang textures
    • faster ceiling rendering
    • tline() floors
    • tall ceiling indoor spaces
    • doubled texture limit from 16 to 32
  • Added 3 extra wands, and items
  • Improved sounds
  • Better AI
  • Better controls

Still to do

  • More maps
  • More sounds
  • More textures


StatusIn development
Made withPICO-8
Tagscats, FPS, PICO-8


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This looks great! Where's the lexaloffle link?

Thanks! BBS link is which I have added a link to the description.

This is beautiful. Kudos!

Thank you! :)